Inguinal hernia leading to omental torsion: Role of CT in differentiating from other clinical mimics - a case report and literature review


  • Ali Mansoor Post Graduate Medical Institute / Lahore General Hospital
  • Rabia Shaukat Mayo Hospital, Lahore



Omental torsion, omental inflammation, acute abdomen, inguinal hernia, CT scan


Omental torsion is a very rare cause of acute abdomen. Clinically, it mimics other common pathologies such as acute appendicitis, acute diverticulitis and acute cholecystitis. It is therefore no surprise, that it was rarely diagnosed pre operatively before the advent and easy availability of modern imaging techniques. CT scan, in particular, can diagnose omental torsion with confidence pre operatively. This can make conservative treatment possible in cases of primary omental torsion and guide regarding the appropriate treatment in cases of secondary torsion. We present a case of a young male patient who presented to Emergency departments with symptoms of acute abdomen. Clinical and laboratory findings were non-specific for any specific cause of acute abdomen. CT scan, however, showed omental fat stranding with whirlpool sign representing omental torsion which was seen to be secondary to left inguinal hernia. Patient was operated in emergency and necrotic omentum was resected and hernia repaired. Post-operative recovery was uneventful.

32 year old male with omental torsion secondary to left sided inguinal hernia






Gastrointestinal Radiology