Esophageal ingested body in a child with calcified ligamentum arteriosum: a case report


  • Chiara Costantini Pediatric Surgery, University of Padua, 35128, Padua, Italy.
  • Giuseppe Minniti Cardiosurgery Unit, Ca' Foncello Hospital, 31100, Treviso, Italy.
  • Silvia Bertolo Radiology Unit, Ca' Foncello Hospital, 31100, Treviso, Italy.
  • Paola Midrio Pediatric Surgery Unit, Ca' Foncello Hospital, 31100, Treviso, Italy.



Foreign body, ligamentum arteriosum, ductus arteriosus, calcified ligamentum arteriosum, aortopulmonary window


The calcification of ligamentum arteriosum occurs after the normal closure of the ductus arteriosus. Foreign body ingestion is a common event in the pediatric age, and it is frequently addressed in the Emergency Room. We report a case of foreign body in a patient with unknown calcification of the ligamentum arteriosum. His parents noted blood in the saliva, but he had no symptoms indicative of an acute clinical situation. The CT showed a hyperdense object in the aorto-pulmonary window with features compatible with a metallic object. The child underwent surgery, during which a calcified ligamentum arteriosum was found and no foreign body. This phenomenon has been described to be better identified using multi-section CT scans than X-Rays.





Pediatric Radiology