Priority boarding pass for JRCR authors!


Updated: August 1, 2020

The Journal of Radiology Case Reports has been an open access, free submission and free publication journal since we launched it almost 15 years ago.

We want to keep this tradition, not only because part of its success and popularity is the free access and charge-free submission of articles but because we want to keep our high quality educational material available to everyone.

With the increasing popularity grew also the number of submissions, which averages almost 3-4 manuscripts per day. For a journal that works solely on volunteer basis and without financial support this becomes more and more difficult to keep up with the pace.

In the first years of the journal the average review took 1 week and the articles have been published almost in the next journal issue after acceptance. Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions the review time has increased to 4 months beginning of this year and now comes closer to 6 months. This does not even include the approximate 1-2 months of processing the article (checking different aspects if suited for review). The same applies to review of the revisions and the period from acceptance to publication takes even longer (from 4 months earlier this year to almost a year currently).

Please refer to the following page for the current average timelines.


This becomes increasingly frustrating for authors who anxiously wait for a decision and especially want to see their articles published as soon as possible. We want it too! How can we achieve this without making either the article access or the submission not free anymore because of the necessity to hire paid staff?

The solution came literally right out of the air!

The idea came actually while waiting at the airport and ready to board. While I had to wait (never fly 1st class), priority members could board first and then me and others who did not have the “privileges”. After a short moment of jealousy I thought that they actually deserve it. They either paid extra for such a privilege or they deserved it otherwise (frequent flyer/loyal airline passenger).

What airlines can do, why not the JRCR too?


A solution for keeping access and submission to the JRCR for free is offering “privileges” such as priority review and publication. Privileges can be earned for a fee or other services, which could help clearing up the traffic (submission) jam by enabling us to recruit more resources to process the submissions.


On October 1, 2013 we implemented a new priority system that offers “priority” authors to accelerate their review and shortens the time period between acceptance and publication.


We offer two “priority passes”: Review priority and Publication priority


These priority passes can be purchased via monetary ways (who can afford it) or via “services” – to give also authors from financially less privileged regions a chance to be prioritized.

We closely cooperate with the international Radiology community “Radiolopolis” and Telehealth platform "MedPics" and working on a Board preparation system enabling residents to improve their scores for the Radiology Boards. Authors who wish to purchase a priority pass but cannot (or don’t want) afford it may still be able to purchase the pass by contributing a certain amount of multiple choice questions (MCQs) which will be added to our database. We will announce that opportunity with more details as soon as the section is open.


We are grateful to every person who supports our journal, including donations and payment via the priority passes and show our gratitude by mentioning them in our honor gallery (only first author to avoid adding artificially authors to a publication for solely that purpose)



And here is how it works:


1. Review priority pass:

For a one time $499 fee (for Radiolopolis and MedPics members - both memberships are free, otherwise $749) we guarantee a review of the submission within 3 weeks after purchase and submission of the complete manuscript (compared to close to 12 months, including processing).

To ensure that your money is “well invested”, we provide a money back guarantee - if not reviewed within 3 weeks, the payment will be fully refunded.

The review priority pass also includes an extra service in which we include suggestions how to improve the manuscript and how to make it better publishable.

Further benefits include:
50% discount for an annual MammoCoach subscription (worth 35 SA-CMEs).

Priority "boarders" will be also the preferred choice for the journal cover page of the issue in which their manuscript will be published.



2. Publication priority pass:

For a one time $299 fee (for Radiolopolis and MedPics members - both memberships are free, otherwise $499) we guarantee a publication of the accepted manuscript in the next month’s journal issue compared to currently around 12 months. We offer also a money back guarantee for this “priority pass”: if not published by the next month’s issue, the payment will be refunded. Again: you get what you pay for.

Further benefits include:
50% discount for an annual MammoCoach subscription (worth 35 SA-CMEs).

Priority "boarders" will be also the preferred choice for the journal cover page of the issue in which their manuscript will be published.


Radiolopolis and MedPics members (free memberships) are eligible for a $250 discount for the review priority pass fee and a $200 discount for the publication priority pass fee.


To purchase a priority pass please follow these instructions:

1. Please go on the purchase page of either one:

A) Our affiliated MedPics Telehealth website: (under expert account)

B) Our affiliated Radiolopolis website:


2. If not registered yet on either affiliated site, it asks you to do so, otherwise just login.

3. Select the plan you wish (review or publication priority)

4. It leads you to a payment portal: PayPal, which is a trusted payment portal for many years and used e.g. by eBay and other known sites. You don’t have to be PayPal member to be able to pay but may also pay with credit card.

5. After payment you should receive a confirmation email from PayPal containing the item ID (e.g. Item# 9BPXJNABVW3A), which is your invoice ID

6. Send us an email with the email subject “JRCR-priority #manuscript ID - Item# xxx” (e.g. “JRCR-priority #11111 - Item# 9BPXJNABVW3A”) and the invoice ID. This way we can immediately associate the payment with your manuscript ID. If the subject line is not formatted this way this may lead to a delay of processing your service (which would not be covered by the refund policy).

7. As soon as we receive that email we start processing your manuscript accordingly.


Please keep in mind: NOTHING has changed in regard to our free services - we remain open access and the submission and publication of manuscripts remain free.
If you don't choose these options, then everything goes its traditional (free) way - just not the accelerated way.
We give you just simply the choice.


Compared to most other journals (especially case report journals) who ask for up to $3300 US Dollars in fees (see footer) for a submission and open access publication, this provides a great solution to remain an open access and high quality journal.



Thank you for supporting (y)our journal,

Roland Talanow M.D., Ph.D.


Journal of Radiology Case Reports

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Submission fees for case reports in selected journals (top results when searching for “case report journals” and “case report journals list” in Google – as of September 30, 2013):

(These fees are solely for submissions and don't include prioritization of review or publication)
*See what JRCR charges at the very bottom


International Medical Case Reports Journal - US$1865.00



An article processing charge of US$960 is payable for articles accepted for publication in Journal of Medical Case Reports.



Clinical Case Reports’ publication charge for authors submitting directly to the journal is $800



Case Reports in Oncology The publishing fee which includes the reproduction of color illustrations is CHF 680.00. 680.00 CHF = 750.37 USD

The Author's ChoiceTM model entails a one-time publication fee of CHF 3,000.00. 3,000.00 CHF = 3,310.45 USD



American Journal of Case Reports Authors are only requested to pay 665 USD per article.


Case Reports in Medicine - up to $1500 (depending on article type)






Journal of Radiology Case Reports (JRCR): any article type: access, submission, and publication remain FREE
We charge ONLY if you wish to accelerate your review and publication - $299-$499 (including several more benefits as outlined above).

JRCR CME section (or through our affiliated Radiology community Radiolopolis)