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Click 58-year-old man with benign simple breast cyst: Axial CT section through the chest after intravenous contrast, mediastinal window shows a 13 ? 12 mm soft tissue mass of indeterminate etiology in the left breast just posterior to the nipple. Other findings: The patient is status post median sternotomy and coronary artery bypass graft. Coronary artery calcifications are also noted. There is a borderline enlarged mediastinal lymph node at the level of the carina and measures 11 mm in short axis. Limited images of the upper abdomen demonstrate a simple cyst in the upper pole of the left kidney and Cholecytectomy clips in the gallbladder fossa. (GE Medical Systems LightSpeed 16, mAs=439, kVp=120, slice thickness=3.75mm, Intravenous contrast Omnipaque 350 was administered: 150 mLs, 2.5 ml/s, dose-length products =1217.03 mGy?cm.)