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Click An 80-year-old female with particle disease. Prosthetic hardware appears intact bilaterally on this axial non contrast CT (120 kV, 360 mA, 2mm section). A well-defined lucency tracking superiorly from the left acetabulum along the vertical aspect of the left iliac bone is noted. This extends superiorly up well into the left iliac wing. Particle disease has a tendency to track along the screw. There is no lucency in the right iliac bone.

Click An 80-year-old female with particle disease. These axial images result from fusion of colorized F-18 PET with the axial CT images. PET/CT shows a lucency superior to the left acetabulum with peripheral uptake of F-18. Moving superiorly, the particle disease extends well above the acetabular joint and is quite intense (arrow). [Helical CT set at 120 kVp and auto mAs on a 16-slice scanner, axial plane, no IV contrast. Acquired for 35 minutes after waiting 1 hour post IV injection of 15.5 mCi F-18 sodium fluoride via a right antecubital vein]