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Click 34 yr old female with pulmonary endometriosis: HRCT axial images GE CT Bright Speed (120KV,200mAs, 1.625mm x10mm interval, high resolution, non contrast ) showing ground glass attenuation in posterior segment right upper lobe(img 9),another focal ground glass attenuation is located in anterior segment of right upper lobe(img10).Trachea and major bronchi are normal. Mediastinal vascular structures are normal. No pleural effusion. Chest wall is normal.

Click 34 yr old female with right ovarian cyst: grayscale USG [curvilinear probe, 2-5 Mhz] axial images showing cystic lesion with internal echoes & fluid level in the right ovary [arrow]. The left ovary is normal. And axial images on left lateral position; showing movement of the fluid level. Urinary bladder is well distended and normal.