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Click High resolution multi-detector CT (MDCT). Cavities are seen in an area of consolidation secondary to a recent infarction in the right upper lobe. There is also some lung fibrosis present.

Click High resolution multi-detector CT (MDCT). 16 months later demonstrates involution of the cavities. Note an increase in the fibrotic changes.

Click High resolution multi-detector CT (MDCT). Multiple cavites are seen throughout both lungs, the largest being within the right upper lobe.

Click CTPA - There is a large embolus seen within the right main pulmonary artery, extending into the right lower lobe artery. further embolus is seen within the left upper lobe artery. The main pulmonary artery is enlarged at 3.6cm, the right heart is enlarged and there is bowing of the interventricular septum. In addition, there is truncation of the segmental arteries of both lower lobes.