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Click 64 year old male with fibromuscular dysplasia. CT angiogram of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Significant findings: There is an acute type A aortic dissection extending from the aortic root down to the level of both common iliac arteries, and extending cephalad into the left subclavian, left common carotid and right brachiocephalic arteries. A 7 cm abdominal aortic aneurysm was also noted just above the bifurcation and involving the left common iliac artery, as was aneurismal dilatation of the proximal celiac artery, and the iliac and femoral arteries. CTA protocol: 725 Eff mAS, 120 kV, 0.6 mm slice thickness, pitch/rotation time 0.2/0.33s, 116 mL of Optiray 320 contrast (28 mL injected at 5.5 mL/second followed immediately by 88 mL injected at 4.4 ml/second).