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Click 72-year old man with anemia and abdominal pain. Contrast-enhanced CT (General Electric Lightspeed VCT, kVp 120, mAs 433, 5 mm slice reconstruction) performed with 125 cc of Isovue-370 intravenous contrast demonstrates areas of hypodensity surrounding the middle hepatic vein, and in the inferior anterior right lobe of the liver. These areas are notable for lack of mass effect and were initially thought to represent focal fatty infiltration. There is focal thickening of a small bowel loop in the left mid abdomen, with an adjacent enlarged node.

Click 72-year old man with anemia and abdominal pain. FDG PET/CT exam was performed with 19.1 mCi of F-18 FDG imaged 60 minutes after injection. Axial fused images demonstrate two areas of intense uptake in the liver corresponding to the hypodense areas seen on the prior contrast-enhanced CT. There is also intense uptake corresponding to the area of small bowel thickening (now in the right abdomen due to mobility) and an adjacent node.