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Click 80 year old female with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis. Multislice non-contrast computed tomogram of thorax September 2005 showing left lower lobe cavity and background fibrotic and bronchiectatic changes. The thick- walled cavity measures approximately 12cm in maximum AP dimension. A few flecks of calcification are present in the wall posteriorly.

Click 82 year old female with end-stage chronic pulmonary aspergillosis. HRCT chest December 2006. Both lungs show marked fibrosis with widespread bibasal honeycombing and bronchiectasis which has progressed since the previous scan in Sept 2005. There is extensive volume loss in the right hemithorax. There is a large thick-walled cavity in the left lower lobe. A 2.7cm diameter area of soft tissue density lies anterior to the cavity. This may represent dependent debris within a cyst or bronchiectatic airway, or possibly a small 'daughter' aspergilloma. There is patch of pleural calcification in the left chest wall. Multiple small volume nodes are seen in the mediastinum.