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Click Fetal Acrania. Gray scale ultrasound of the fetal brain (3.5 MHz probe). Gestational age 30 weeks. No skull is seen around the brain. Fetal brain is seen floating in the amniotic fluid now placed posterior to the cervical spine without covering skull. Increased amount of amniotic fluid is also seen. Normal orbits.

Click Fetal Acrania. Color Doppler ultrasound scan of the fetal brain in axial plane performed with 3.5 MHz probe. Gestational age 30 weeks. Intracerebral vessels are seen.

Click Fetal Acrania. Gestational age 30 weeks. Aborted fetus showing brain without cranium protruding outside the base of the skull in a rounded configuration.

Click Fetal Acrania. CT Scan of the fetal brain. Gestational age 30 weeks.