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Click Axial contrast enhanced CT scan with Visipague 270 mgI/ml, 5 ml iv. Delay 5 sec. Injection speed 1 ml/sec. Boy on his 5th day of life. The examination shows the complex heart failure with a hypo plastic right ventricle and a big VSD and ASD. There is a transposition of the aorta and the pulmonary artery. From the descending aorta at least three aortico-pulmonary collaterals are seen. It shows the tracheal tube in the oesophagus next to the gastric tube. There is no trachea but normal bronchi are connected through a fistula to the oesophagus.

Click Reconstructed 3D of the air-filled structures shows the normal main bronchi and the carina with the thin fistula to the oesophagus. In the oesophgus a gastric tube is seen.